Video Editing

Describe what you are seeing in the dance clip.

Begin by observing what the body is physically doing.
The BODY category describes structural and physical characteristics of the human body while moving. This category is responsible for describing which body parts are moving, which parts are connected, which parts are influenced by others, and general statements about body organization.
Several subcategories of Body are:
Initiation of movement starting from specific bodies;
Connection of different bodies to each other;
Sequencing of movement between parts of the body;
Patterns of body organization and connectivity
Shapes that the body makes
Try it out! Watch this short clip performed by Christopher K. Morgan & Artists, and see if you can use the above to describe what the BODY is physically doing:…
In one paragraph (at least 4 sentences) share the following:
Note which clip you have chosen to discuss (include title of work in italics or use “parentheses,” and name of choreographer
Describe what you are seeing in the dance clip. Use your own creative descriptions, adjectives, and practice using movement analysis language. The guidelines (BODY, SPACE, TIME, EFFORT) on each slide provide a start, however each clip contains every aspect of Movement Analysis. For example, if you choose to write about Eiko’s work you might start describing what is happening in terms of how time is used, however you might also acknowledge the role of body or space, etc.